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Cold Front Moving Over Jamaica
The Cold Front is expected to become stationary in the vicinity of Jamaica tomorrow.

SIGNIFICANT FEATURE...Weak Trough south of Jamaica.
A week trough south of Jamaica has very little associated moisture. It is expected to continue weakening.

A Trough across Jamaica and the central Caribbean.
The Trough will persist in the vicinity of Jamaica through to the weekend with periods of unstable weather conditions across the island until Sunday.

Tropical Storm Nestor developed over the northern Gulf of Mexico.
Based on satellite imagery and ship and buoy data the circulation of the low pressure system has become better defined, and the disturbance is now Tropical Storm Nestor.

A High Pressure Ridge across Jamaica
A Pressure Ridge will remain the significant feature today through to Sunday. Late Sunday evening through to Monday, a Tropical Wave is expected to move across the island.

Overcast Conditions and Occasional Showers until Sunday across Jamaica
A Trough lingers across the Jamaica will likely produce mostly cloudy conditions with occasional showers and thunderstorms through to Sunda

Tropical Wave in the vicinity of Jamaica
An area of low pressure west of Jamaica continues to produce unstable weather over the western Caribbean and Jamaica as well as sections of Cuba.

More Rains for Jamaica
A Trough across Jamaica. Comment... The Trough will remain across Jamaica and the central Caribbean over the next few days. Periods of showers and thunderstorms are expected to continue across the is

A broad Trough across Jamaica and the central Caribbean
There is a trough that will linger across the Jamaica for the next few days. As a result expect the unstable weather conditions to continue across sections of the island,

Severe Weather Alert Issued for Eastern and Central Parishes of Jamaica.
A broad trough over the central and western Caribbean over the past few days, is likely to be enhanced by an area of showers and thunderstorms east of the island.

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