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Vinyl Record Collectors Association (VCRA) celebrates 15th anniversary this year

Vinyl Record Collectors Association | 2012-01-09 16:07:00

The Vinyl Record Collectors Association will this year, celebrate its 15th Annual Memorial Weekend  where it all began – in Philadelphia.  The weekend scheduled for May 25th to 28th , 2012 will showcase the record collection of veteran vinyl collectors, and honour those both past and present who have contributed to our fraternity.

VCRA’s 14th annual Memorial Weekend event took place in Jamaica over the last weekend of May 2011.  Local record collectors and music lovers as well as those from the USA and Canada were treated to a feast of music, presented by the vinyl record collectors fraternity. In addition to collecting and playing music, the international association also fulfilled its mandate set for the event – making charitable donations to select organizations in need.
VCRA made their first significant donation from funds raised during the course of the 2011 weekend as well as donations from the members.   The Alpha Boys School was the beneficiary of a cheque for $150,000.00 – a perfect choice as the first recipient, given its musical history and recognition for having produced renowned musical talent.  
Michael “Louis” Owens the Association’s newly elected President, was proud to have marked the start of his tenure with the donation of the funds to Sister Shirley Chang, head of the Alpha Boys School. In accepting the gift Sister Chung commented that “the contribution of $150,000.00 will go a long way in assisting in the plans for the expansion of the music department and construction of a recording studio”.  In his remarks the President noted that: “The VCRA is has evolved from its original purpose of honouring record collectors both posthumously and those still present to fulfilling the newly set mandate of being a charitable organization.”
The presentation took place at Heather’s Garden Restaurant on Friday December 2, 2011.  On hand to assist with the presentation were Jr. Cyrus of Florida, the Association’s Treasurer, along with other planning committee members who worked to make the May event the success that it was. Three wall-mounted fans were also presented by the association to the John Franklyn Institute of Learning situated in St. Catherine.
Providing the music were Jr. Cyrus with selections from his vast record collection, and Gladdy Parker of Wild Bunch Disco.

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