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Appoint Justice Brian Sykes as Chief Justice of Jamaica

0 | 2018-02-06 12:33:00

The NDM is calling on PM Holness to immediately issue instructions to appoint Justice Brian Sykes as Chief Justice of Jamaica.

It is the view of the NDM that the spoken words of PM Holness has sent a veiled message to all concerned that his administration intends to supervise the Chief Justice and hence fetter the Judicial arm of government which should operate as an independent branch.

The NDM said that this would be a serious encroachment upon the principles of non interference in the Justice System, an assault on the concept of separation of powers, and a direct attempt to subjugate the Judiciary which would be contrary to the spirit of Section 99(1) of the Jamaican constitution.

The NDM reminds the country that the Court has had to rule against Mr. Holness' unconstitutional behaviour in the recent past during the  "Lettergate" saga in which then Opposition Leader Andrew Holness, used undated resignation letters to purge senators from office -  contrary to their wishes - flying in the face of the constitution.

This latest action by PM Holness must be condemned, rejected and immediately rectified to safeguard the justice system of Jamaica from any potential political interference.

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